What is an Entrepreneur in 2021?

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3 min readFeb 10, 2021

Here is my take on what an entrepreneur is in 2021. (From someone who has learnt to spell the word entrepreneur without a spell check).

I see an Entrepreneur as someone who starts and builds a business, who creates value for customers in an innovative way.

Millennial Money Mindset by Money Tipps

A business is simply something that removes pain or gives massive pleasure for someone, whilst making a profit.

An Entrepreneur is also a risk-taker. The game most people play unconsciously and compulsively is to avoid loss.

An Entrepreneur overcomes this tendency to always do the safe thing and instead continually takes calculates risks continuously paddles in the choppy seas over and over until they find the right opportunity and then finally surfs the wave.

An Entrepreneur takes the risk of putting their time, money, and reputation into ideas and really going for it. The biggest risk today is not taking any risks at all.

Millennial Money Mindset by Money Tipps

It is actually less risky to go out into the world and create something new, unique and original that the market demands. In a world that is constantly changing the riskiest thing to do is stay the same.

An entrepreneur doesn’t just adapt to an environment — they create the environment. They don’t just copy what everyone else is doing — they create new value and service or do something in a new and unique way.

An entrepreneur is someone who believes in a better way and then goes out and implements these improvements passing this value on to the customer.

These improvements may be a better service, a lower price or combining a number of services in a new and unique way that offers value to the customer.

When you shift your self-image from someone who adapts to things to someone who creates things, that’s a big step in your own path of personal growth. And that’s another way to look at an Entrepreneur — as your identity, as who you are and who you’re becoming.

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